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Vagabundo Magazine is under going a turn over at the moment and we are looking for a number of contributors to the magazine.  Though, we are not hiring full-time staff.  We are looking for help with the following positions.

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What We’re Looking for – Blog Contributors

  • We are looking to fill a team of 10-15 contributors to our blog
  • Blog contributors will not be paid for their articles on the blog, but will be involved in the process of building our quarterly magazine which does include payment.
  • Blog contributors will be given a minimum of one assignment per month, more if they request them.
  • To see what type of person we’re looking for, read this post.
  • Don’t send in an article, send us a pitch.  Check our advice on how to pitch a travel magazine here.
  • Please have a read of our magazine before submitting.  We have a fairly specific style and voice and submissions should adhere to that style.  Our latest issue of the magazine is found here.

Payment for Bi-Monthly Magazine Contributors

  • Cover Story: $200
  • Cover Image: $100
  • Long features: $75-100 (price depends on quality of accompanying images and article placement)
  • Short features: $40-80 (price depends on quality of accompanying images and article placement)
  • Shutter Spot: $25 per image
  • Photo Essay: $75 total
  • Payment will be made within 30 days of the publication
  • All payments are made by paypal

Publication Rights

  • If you publish with us you will be asked to not publish the same article with someone else for 1 year after the publication date.
  • You retain the rights to all material published on Vagabundo.  Should Vagabundo decide it would like the complete rights to the article you will be contacted, and a price will be negotiated.
  • You will keep the rights to all your photos used in the article.
  • We require articles that are not under any publication protection and that are 100% original


If you have questions about submission, or are ready to submit an article, please feel fill out the contact form below:

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Want to Contribute?