Valentine’s Day Deal

The partner is in a mood again and I cannot figure out why.

Anniversary? No, no, I can remember sweating through my shirt at that little bistro in Paris we went to for our first date. Birthday? Checking the calendar hastily reminds me they were already angry at me for that last month when they barely spoke to me on that 24 hour bus I booked that day to Laos.

OH, HOLY MOTHER! It’s Valentine’s day … again! Card companies, florists and chocolatiers have bested me once more. Time to desperately calculate funds and work out what romantic treat I can afford.


Minus the travel insurance, scuba lessons, that flight to Khazakstan and that leaves me with … $1. That cannot be right. Oh, wait it isn’t. It’s 99c. Think, George, think. What costs 99c?

Sun cream from the dollar store? Doesn’t scream romance does it? Snickers bar? Certainly a rarity in these parts but seems a bit on the cheap side.

But wait what’s this? A year’s subscription to Vagabundo Magazine is just 99c for Valentines? Better delete the browsing history because nothing says “I love you” more than a years worth of inspiring your beloved to come on your crazy, stupid, amazing adventures with you.

Wait a minute, I just remembered that I’m an adventure traveller and therefore probably destined to a life of crazy, stupid, amazing loneliness and my “partner” is actually a bike that I rescued and fixed up in the outback. And Francis cannot read, can you Francis?

Great, this means I can buy the subscription for myself and spend all the money I would normally spend on trying to convincing another person to love me, on the crazy, stupid, amazing travel ideas I find inside. Everyone’s a winner, even poor illiterate Francis.

Of course you could just tell every hot babe I meet on the road that you’ve subscribed to Vagabundo. After all chicks dig a guy with an adventure magazine subscription, surely?

Until January 14th, get 1 year worth of Vagabundo for 99 Cents via Magzter here!

Author: Georgina Young

Georgina is a bipolar, freelance writer and adventuress who spends her time aimlessly wandering the world. She may not know where the path leads, but she is never lost. Her writing aims to inspire all those who hate what they are doing, to give it up, in the pursuit for something beautiful.

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Valentine’s Day Deal