Spring 2012 Issue Now Available

We’re very pleased to let you know that our Spring 2012 issue is now available for purchase!

This issue is completely revamped and redesigned with the help of designer extraordinaire Luis Alvarez.  We have stuffed 72 pages with some great travel stories and a lot of amazing photos from around the world.  This latest eZine features a beautiful cover article and images from Dubai by Genevieve Hathaway.  There are also articles from Malawi, Haiti, Hungary, and many other places.  We have taken the theme “off the beaten path in the developed world, so you will also see some great content from places like Paris, London, Tokyo and the Grand Canyon.

We are also very pleased to announce that this issue of the magazine will be available in print via special order.  You’ll find more information below.  The table of content is below and there is also a preview of the magazine to give you a bit of a tease.

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If you’re ready to buy already you can do so here.  A digital issue allows you to view the issue online, it also means that you will be sent a PDF to your email.  For the kindle version, you will be linked to Amazon.com for the purchase.  As for print issues, we don’t make the prices up magcloud does that for us.  I wish we could control it but we can’t and until we sell thousands of copies the price will always be a little bit higher.  That being said, the print issue looks amazing!

Table of Contents

  • Features:

  • Dubai: Behind the Glitz, Glam and Glass by Genevieve Hathaway
  • Malawi: Keeping Pace with the Porters by Gemma Howe
  • Hope in the Face of Haiti by Brendan van Son
  • Photo Corner: Exposing the Work of Matt Gibson
  • Balasz and Budapest by Bike by Jackie DesForges
  • Extras:

  • Traveller Interview: Rager Against the Tourism Machine
  • Shutter Spot: Havasu Canyon, London Parliament, Kaole Ruins
  • Eating our Way Around the World: Pizza in Paris, Off-Beat Austin, The Faces of Tokyo
  • Vagabundo Photo Contest

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Author: Brendan van Son

Brendan van Son, the Editor-in-Chief at Vagabundo Magazine, is a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. He is currently exploring West Africa while working on the "It's My Life 365" project. Brendan's work has been featured across the world in both press and on a variety of online productions.

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Spring 2012 Issue Now Available