Simply Home

by Kylie Turley

There once was a man who felt unsatisfied with life. The hustle and bustle of Peruvian city living left him in a slump – a slump that could only be healed by a change of pace. This man decided to relocate to the Sacred Valley of Peru and make his new home in a more natural environment. He craved peace, quiet, slow, and easy living. “It’s the simple life. Simple is better,” he whispers as he inhales a deep breath of crisp mountain air. Head back, eyes closed, and with a gentle smile across his face he feels renewed and rejuvenated.

In this man’s simple world, rivers and streams represent mother while mountains and hills symbolize father. The mother’s continuous flow fuels growth, while father’s steadfastness and strength supports all that develops elsewhere. This man never pursues any task without first asking permission of the earth. When wood is needed to build a home, he requests that his permission to partake is granted. Embracing traditional Incan beliefs that claim, “I take care of you, you take care of me,” he is assured in his actions that all will be well with nature if pursued with a caring concern for the earth. Nature is his sanctuary – living among its raw elements in peace and solitude, he is at home.

In this way, a home is built with love, wood, and respect. In its most natural form, a home lives and breathes. Its logged walls and stony floors provide a quiet space for its inhabitants to dwell in comfort. Aromas of slow-cooking food fill the air, and the teakettle sings an urgent tune as the sun drops behind the mountain peek. He tells stories of each piece of furniture in his home – recalling with distinct detail its origin, meaning and purpose. With each draw of coffee the man’s home has transformed to something far more inviting—transient—and warm, naturally.

The horses do not stir in the stable, and anxious puppies dance round about the sturdy hooves of its new found friends. A cool wind drifts through the valley as workers finish their daily duties and prepare to retire. With crackling of the fire warming their hands, smiling faces aglow with joy gather to celebrate the finish of a day’s work. It’s times like these that time stands still. No words are exchanged, only seemingly quiet moments saturated by passing thoughts. With closed lips and clasped hands, a mutual peace accompanied by slow inhales and exhales of relaxing lungs soothes the soul.

The hens lay to roost quietly underneath a darkening sky, while the livestock stand with heads at a bow. The smoking coals fade from red orange to a dulling white—the man, like the fire, is ready. Night comes early in the valley, and a glowing moon beckons those who lie beneath to retire. Enthused by a cinematic performance of twinkling stars, he is warmly satisfied with the simple life. A simple life is the best life – quiet, slow, and easy.

Inspired by my friend Pablo.


About the Author

Kylie Turley grew up in Idaho but has since lived in China, Hawaii, Peru, Ecuador and, most recently, California. Inspired by anything outdoors and ordinary, Kylie is lover of filmmaking, photography and travel. Passionate about finding new and creative ways to share the stories of individuals, families and communities who come from less fortunate situations than her own, Kylie documents the stories of real people in order to create real social change on her site Traveling Triplets.

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