Seeking Adventurers

For those who have been following along closely with Vagabundo Magazine over the past couple month you’ll know that we’ve been going through some soul searching.   We’ve been trying to figure out what makes us tick, what excites us, and, most of all, what you guys love reading.  It’s been a process.  We’ve talked to many of you, we’ve discussed among ourselves, and we’ve come to some conclusions.

adventurer Brendan van Son

I think the biggest conclusion we came to is that people like adventure, and not just “I went backpacking to Thailand”-type adventure, but serious crazy, out of this world, bordering on stupid, adventure.

Some of you followed along with my crazy scooter trip down Africa, and the feedback I got from people was absolutely amazing.  The amount of interaction through the process was unreal, and really inspiring.  It taught me that even though many people wouldn’t dream of undertaking such a journey, that a lot of people like watching others attempt it.  It also taught me that it can inspire others to push themselves too.  I’ve gotten loads of emails from people now thinking about attempting the same type of journey.

adventurer on scooter

Thus, I’ve decided that Vagabundo Magazine will now be dedicated to that extreme-type of adventure.

Over the next little while, we’re going to be re-building the magazine and everything that comes along with it.  Thus, this is a part of that process.  Finding people interested in adventure travel.

We want you!

We’re currently looking for three types of people to be a part of our team:

1) Adventurers

Are you cycling around the world? On an epic motorcycle journey? Or on some other sort of epic travel adventure?  We want to hear from you.  We have potential blog spaces open as well as potential magazine features.

2) Writers

You don’t have to be on a great adventure to hang out with us.  You can also be a features writer.  If you’re interested in research, interview and travel journalism, we’d be interested in your services.  As is always the case, if you have limited experience in this field, we’re glad to help you along under the heading of “internship”.


3) Tippers

No, we’re not asking for money.  We’re asking for tips.  If you know someone who is doing something crazy and might make a good interview or feature, we want to know about it.  Send us a message!

More Information

If you want more information or to throw your name in the hat, we encourage you to shoot us an email at editor(at)vagabundomagazine(dot)com

Please use the subject heading “adventurer”

We look forward to hearing from you.

Author: Brendan van Son

Brendan van Son, the Editor-in-Chief at Vagabundo Magazine, is a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. He is currently exploring West Africa while working on the "It's My Life 365" project. Brendan's work has been featured across the world in both press and on a variety of online productions.

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  1. I am a poet, and I can write one-minuter poems given an inspiration. Let me know if I will tick for you?
    I am based in the Philippines–and as you know we have a world of adventure here from natural resources to natural disasters =)

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Seeking Adventurers