Photo Corner: River Ganges, India

By Nisha Jha

I captured this shot at the banks of River Ganges at Rishikesh, India. The ritual is called Maha Aart’i and is often performed towa ds the end of *Pooja*,  a worship ritual by the Hindus for the various god and goddesses. Thisparticular Aarti is for worshipping the river Mother Ganga.

At sunset twelve priests, each holding a brass oil lamp and move in circular fashion to perform Aarti amidst blaring of loud speakers and chanting of hymns. It is a kind of trance when one sees circles of smoke and flames emanating from the 12 huge brass lamps, and the intoxicating smell of burning ghee and incense.


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Indian woman, global traveler, travel writer and blogger. That’s Nisha Jha. She has travelled to more than 20 countries but her idea of traveling is “counting the number of memories, not places”. Nothing excites her more than learning and relishing life’s simple little pleasures about new places, people and cultures. Her articles are published and featured in a number of travel sites and magazines including some in-flight magazines. Nisha calls her website “Le Monde – A Poetic Travail“, where she writes about her sweet and sour experiences around this globe. You can connect with her on Facebook or on Twitter: @cemonde

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Photo Corner: River Ganges, India