Write a Travel Guidebook for Vagabundo!

Vagabundo Magazine is now in the process of publishing a series of travel guidebooks for independent adventure travellers. As a result, we’re looking for writers! If you think you’ve got the writing chops, and research capabilities to put together a city or country guide, have a look at the information below. We think this is an exciting opportunity, and we hope you join up!

What Types of Guidebooks are we Looking For?

Honestly, we’re open to the whims of your creativity. These various books will only be as successful as the content that is provided. Thus, we’re not looking for cheap content that barely scratches the surface. We’re looking for in depth, content of value to readers.

City or Destination Guides

We would like to start off concentrating on city guides. These types of guidebooks will cover specific cities from front to back. We want to know where people should be eating, where they should be staying, things people should be doing, and where the good nightlife is at. Moreover, we want an in depth glimpse into the city. We want an inclusion of the historical, cultural, and social aspects of each of these guides.  Good ideas would be guidebooks to cities like Bangkok, Buenos Aires or Cape Town, or areas like Koh Lanta, or Bali.

Country Guides

This is obviously a project that is obviously going to take time, and likely involve multiple writers, which is why we’ll likely start off slowly by accepting mostly city guides. If someone submits a proposal to building a country guide we need to know that you’re capable of drawing as much as possible from that country. We need destination guides for the top travel spots as well as in depth information on the country’s history and culture. If you plan on pitching country guides, please be specific as to how much of a country you can cover.

Activity Guides

This is something that we’re hoping to build right away as well. In this case, you might take a certain activity (hiking, photography, diving, etc.), and write a guide specific to a city, region, country, or continent. These guidebooks will focus entirely on that subject, but also include other related aspects. Good ideas for activity guides are things like “Hiking Trails of South America” or “Travel Photography in Chicago”.

How will Guidebooks be Sold?

At first, our guidebooks will be sold only in the digital form. We’ll be pushing our materials especially in the Amazon Store for Kindle as well as other digital publishers. We will also be selling materials in PDF form 30 days after the Kindle Store launch of the book.

What Guidebook Writers Benefit in Publishing with us?

Obviously, you’re probably wondering why you should go along with us to back your book? But there are good reasons. The most important thing is that we allow you to be as independent as you want to be. We’re also here for support, rather than to take credit for your work. These will always be: “A Vagabundo Magazine Guide to Somewhereville by Joe Blow” rather than “Vagabundo Magazine’s Guide to Somewhereville”. This is your chance to get your work out to the world.

A Brand’s Backing

We think that the best benefit in writing a travel guidebook for us is that you’ll have our backing. Obviously, at our disposal, you’ll have our editing staff to help you with the proof reading, as well as giving you a direction and focus for your guidebook. Moreover, you’ll also have the benefit of our marketing team to help sell the book. Of course, you’ll have the name of one of the premier adventure travel magazines on the cover of your book.

Our Design Team

We want you to focus on the writing. Thus, we want you to stick with the writing bit and we’ll worry about getting it into book form and designing the pages. You do the leg work, and we’ll put the wrapping paper and bow on it.

Great Commission Rates

Well most publishers offer writers between 20-30%, we’re offering writers as much as 75% of the profit for the publishers. That means that you’ll be the ones benefiting the most for your hard work. Moreover, we’ll work with you to set the price of your guidebook, so you’ll have some control over how much you earn per copy sold.

Residual Income

The beauty of writing a book is that the income can linger for years. The first eBook I wrote took me a week of extremely hard work. However, the sales of that book still trickle in to this day, 4 years after writing it. In writing a book, it can feel like a small financial benefit at the time, but it’s a short term investment for potential long-term gain.

Moreover, if we do revisions to your book, or build further editions using some or all of your material, you’ll earn a percentage of the profit for your former writing and research in the new edition.

What we Gain from You

First and foremost, we obviously gain a great piece of travel literature to add to the library that we can offer our readers. Besides the small percentage of income we’d earn, we’re looking to build our brand name and having books with our brand on the cover is something extremely valuable for us. Moreover, we’d earn some content for our website. Bits and pieces of your work will be used throughout the Vagabundomagazine.com website to both enhance the reader experience as well as sell your product.

How to Send a Proposal

If you’re interested in writing a travel guidebook for Vagabundo Magazine, you’ll need to send in the following:

  1. A description of your guidebook: What and where.
  2. An explanation of why you are qualified to write this guidebook.
  3. A suggested date of completion.
  4. A writing sample of your work.
  5. Potential to include photos? If so, 4 or 5 samples.

To send in a proposal, you’ll first need to contact the editors by filling in the form below with your basic description. If we like what we see, we’ll follow up for the rest.

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If you have any questions, please message us using the form below.

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Write a Travel Guidebook for Vagabundo!