Spring 2012

The Spring 2012 issue is the first edition designed by our intern extraordinaire Luis Alvarez, and it is beautiful.  We managed to fill 72 pages with a heap of travel stories that we think are exciting, interesting and, most of all, inspiring.  The travel magazine also contains numerous beautiful images taken from around the world.  This eZine features a cover article from Dubai, as well as articles from nearly all other corners of the world.  There is a bit of a preview of the magazine as well as the table of contents at the bottom of this page.

We are very excited to announce that we are also selling print copies of the magazine which is amazing.  The sales are done through magcloud so they set the prices.  The quality of their printing capabilities, however, makes the price well worth it.  They are top notch.

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To clarify what you’ll be getting before purchasing by selecting one of the options below.  The digital format means that you’ll be able to view the magazine online via a link and password that will be delivered to your email.  You will also receive a link to download a pdf copy if you’d like as well.  The kindle version is quite self-explanatory, kindle users will be taken to the amazon.com page where the purchase is done through them.  The print versions are done through MagCloud, and you will be brought to their page to make the purchase there. If you order a print copy you’ll also receive digital copy.

Table of Contents

  • Features:

  • Dubai: Behind the Glitz, Glam and Glass by Genevieve Hathaway
  • Malawi: Keeping Pace with the Porters by Gemma Howe
  • Hope in the Face of Haiti by Brendan van Son
  • Photo Corner: Exposing the Work of Matt Gibson
  • Balasz and Budapest by Bike by Jackie DesForges
  • Extras:

  • Traveller Interview: Rager Against the Tourism Machine
  • Shutter Spot: Havasu Canyon, London Parliament, Kaole Ruins
  • Eating our Way Around the World: Pizza in Paris, Off-Beat Austin, The Faces of Tokyo
  • Vagabundo Photo Contest

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Spring 2012