Our eMagazines are filled with travel articles, photos and interviews from adventurous and independent travellers from around the world. Each issue is packed with stories exclusive to Vagabundo Magazine.  Beneath the cover of the eMagazines you will find more than just an interactive magazine, but a source of inspiration.   The interactive magazines are our pride and joy, and a whole lot of effort goes into the production of each issue. I hope you enjoy the magazines!

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April/May 2014

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This issue deals with the subject of conflict.  We deal with conflict every single day we travel, that’s just how it is.  But often we forget that conflict is actually something people deal with in their daily lives, just on a different level.  In travel, we often forget about countries that are in some state of war, or whom have been recently.  However, I believe that in travel writingl we need to deal with this subject perhaps more often than we do.

In this copy of Vagabundo Travel Magazine, we feature photojournalist Alice Martins who is an absolute inspiration.  We also go out and explore places like Chile, Northern India, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and much more.



January 2014

Vagabundo Magazine

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Among many of the Vagabundo Travel staff, this issue is a favourite.  There is just such a nice meld of adventure, beautiful destinations, and stunning photos in this issue of the magazine.

The cover story is about editor-in-chief Brendan van Son’s time learning to scuba dive… in a glacial lake, in Canada… at 1,200 meters above sea level… in the fall.  There are also really intriguing stories from Tajikistan, Turkey, Indonesia, and more.




January 2013

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This magazine was the launching point for Vagabundo Travel Magazine into the adventure world.  Vagabundo had always been about adventure, but it’s only here where the decision was made to fiercely go after those stories of hard adventure out in the world.

We have features in this issue from Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Antarctica, Palau, and much more.





November 2013

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Editor-in-Chief Brendan van Son goes back home to Canada to explore parts of his own country he skipped past well still living there.  In many ways, the article sets the tone for this issue of the magazine which begs people to get out and explore their own home areas.  One doesn’t need to circumnavigate the globe to have an adventure, you just need to go out and find one.

This issue also has stories from Scotland, Lao, the Amazon, Uganda, and more.





July 2013

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The march issue features a story of a traveller stowing away into the heart of the Mauritanian chunk of the Sahara on the longest iron ore train in the world.  He’s out there in search of something special, and finds it in the town of Chinguetti.

There are also articles from Jordan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, and much more.






April 2013

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Our first fully designed emagazine, it seems like ages ago we put this baby together.  It was a whole lot of fun creating this magazine.  The cover story is about life in Dubai, one of the most interesting cities on the planet.

We also have articles from Hungary, Uganda, Haiti, and many other locations.

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