Announcement: Daily Web Content now Available on Kindle

Happy Saturday Everyone,

I hope that all is well in whatever part of the world you may be in at the moment.  The reason I’m posting on a Saturday, and disturbing your morning cartoons, is to let you know that we have just put the web content, which we are now calling the Vagabundo Magazine Blog, on Kindle.  I spent basically all day yesterday playing with the system and putting it all together and I think it looks great.

You can check out our travel blog feature on kindle here.

So how does it work?

The idea for the blogs on kindle is actually pretty brilliant and simple.  You pay a tiny fee (0.99cents) a month and content uploads to your kindle whenever a new article is published.  If you’re not sure about whether you want to pay a monthly fee for a blog you can also get a 14 day trial which gives you the opportunity to test it out before committing.

What about the eMagazine?

The eMagazine is still coming along.  We’re working hard to get it all finished up and will be available on most platforms on December 19th.  The magazine differs from the “blog” in that the content is much “deeper” and you wont find those stories anywhere on the web.  I will be making another announcement next week some time regarding the pre-orders of the magazines.

Have a nice weekend,

Your editor-in-chief,

Brendan van Son

Author: Brendan van Son

Brendan van Son, the Editor-in-Chief at Vagabundo Magazine, is a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. He is currently exploring West Africa while working on the "It's My Life 365" project. Brendan's work has been featured across the world in both press and on a variety of online productions.

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Announcement: Daily Web Content now Available on Kindle