3 Ways to get off the Beaten Path in Peru

Peru is the tourism mecca, not only of South America, but the world.  It’s the type of place that you need to visit on more than one occasion.  There is just way to much to do and see in Peru to fit it all into one trip.  In fact, I personally lived in Peru for a couple years off and on and still didn’t manage to see all I wanted to.  Moreover, well Peru isn’t particularly over-touristed, you’ll serve yourself well to get off the beaten path and explore a bit of the country beyond the usual tourist haunts.  These are my three recommendations.

Hike Choquequirao instead of Machu Picchu

So you’ve been to Machu Picchu, cool.  Next time, head to a place called Choquequirao.  The trek is more intense and also really cool.  You’ll find yourself miles from the nearest tourists and in one of the ancient wonders of Peru all to yourself.

Go to Puerto Maldonado, or Deeper into the Amazon

Most tourists go to Iquitos on their trips to the Peruvian Amazon.  However, what many people don’t realize is that the Peruvian Amazon actually stretches all the way from the border of Ecuador and Colombia to Bolivia.  There is plenty of jungle worth exploring.  One of the best places to do that is Puerto Maldonado.  It’s quite expressible, and if you want, it’s a good place to start diving deeper into the jungle.

Go Trekking in Huaraz

The city of Huaraz is found in the north of Peru and it’s situated at the base of some stunning mountains.  From here, one could easily spend a week just indulging on adventure activities.  There’s rating, cycling, downhill biking, paragliding, and some amazing treks.

Want more information on Peru?

Be sure to head over to the Marca Peru website for more information regarding the things to do in Peru.

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Author: Brendan van Son

Brendan van Son, the Editor-in-Chief at Vagabundo Magazine, is a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. He is currently exploring West Africa while working on the "It's My Life 365" project. Brendan's work has been featured across the world in both press and on a variety of online productions.

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3 Ways to get off the Beaten Path in Peru