Daughters of Dolma: The Spiritual Journey of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Nepal

Daughters of Dolma is a feature-length documentary film produced by a crew of students from the University of St Andrews, who have travelled over 4000 miles by plane to India, by bus from New Delhi to Kathmandu, and by car and on foot to reach their final destination – two nunneries in the mountain-sheltered Kathmandu valley.

The documentary chronicles an adventurous month exploring the beauty and struggles of monastic life in today’s era. The documentary captures a rare, in-depth and authentic view of practices of Buddhist nuns, highlighting their spiritual vocation alongside their gender, while incorporating their interactions with modernity, technology and inter-generational differences. The intention is to remind others of our innate spirituality within and to depict the nuns as they truly are, beneath their shaved heads and maroon robes, beyond their monastic vows, prayers and studies. There is another interesting side to becoming a nun, and this is what the film hopes to bring to the audience.

Find out more on the Daughters of Doma Facebook page here.

Author: WillPeach

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Daughters of Dolma: The Spiritual Journey of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Nepal